CRISP Chats 001 | New Developments & Facebook Scheduling

CRISP Chats 001 | ft. Zach Toth

Chase Patrick (Founder of CRISP) and Zach Toth (Lead Website Developer) take on the very fist episode of CRISP Chats talking about a new business development happening in Webster/League City/Clear Lake, Texas. We also talk about Facebook post scheduling, deodorant marketing, and staying consistent with your content.


Best Times & Tips to Post on Facebook:

  • Monday to Friday: Noon – 3pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Noon – 1pm
  • Use Videos & HD Photos for your posts
  • Keep text description short & sweet
  • Find what works for you and capitalize on it.


Over the years and market research, we have come up (as well as other companies) of the best times to post on Facebook. The first step is that you must stay consistent on your post and try to post 5-7 times a week. The goal of posting at the right times during the week is to increase your organic customer engagement. We still recommend Facebook Ads, but we strive and getting the most out of Facebook. Luckily Facebook has an option where you can “schedule” your posts, so you can ensure you post in the most engaging times. Click here to to learn how to schedule your Facebook posts.

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