Highway 146 expansion threatens to close or relocate several Seabrook restaurants

Plans for the expansion of State Highway 146 in Seabrook have been in place since 2012 but construction isn’t set to begin until next year (2018). The project, expected to cost more than $200 million, is a welcome relief to many. The expansion promises to relieve the congested Seabrook/Kemah area of time robbing, parking lot like traffic on highway 146 at rush hour. Commuters have reported spending anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour a day, each way stuck in traffic just on the short 3 mile stretch of 146 in Seabrook.

The highway 146 expansion isn’t welcome news to all Seabrook residents however. While traffic may be lighter, many local restaurants and business will either have to pack up and move or close their doors for good. The new construction will cut right through the property of a few current businesses and knock on the front door of others. In all, expanding 146 will take away over 34 acres of commercial land from the Seabrook and Kemah area.

The City of Seabrook is working with local business owners to reduce the impact this project has on their businesses. According to the Chron, the city has allotted an $800,000 stabilization fund to help impacted businesses relocate or renovate their properties to accommodate for the change.

So who will be affected? Which of your favorite Seabrook eats may be closing, moving or renovating? Here are 10 that we know of so far with more sure to come once the beginning of construction nears.

Taco Bell x KFC

Already closed


Already closed

Neptunes Subs

Relocating within Seabrook

Waffle House



Wild West BBQ




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