El Tiempo Webster to finally open doors after years of delays

Could Webster finally see the doors open to the highly anticipated El Tiempo Cantina located on I45? After over 4 years of waiting and wondering why such a prime location sits stagnant, Webster residents could be enjoying El Tiempo’s famous fare by the end of the year.

A series of lawsuits and legal back and forth has kept the cantina from opening its doors though a franchising deal was negotiated back in May of 2013. Now the grueling legal delays seem to have ended. As reported by Bizjournals, the lawsuits have been dismissed and on July 20th the Lorenzo family (owners of the El Tiempo chain) have announced a late 2017 opening.

The El Tiempo Webster location will be operated by the Lorenzo family, a deviation from the original plan for the latest edition to the Mexican food chain. Originally, a franchising agreement was reached between the Lorenzo’s and Liquid Gold Hospitality to allow Liquid Gold to operate the new location with the use of the El Tiempo marks, recipes, management style and other licensed items.

After initial delays in construction all renovations halted when the company that runs the El Tiempo chain, Domco Inc. terminated the license agreement. Domco alleged Liquid Gold had refused to pay invoices for construction work.

Liquid Gold then filed a counter lawsuit, claiming Domco breached the franchising contract. So the half renovated restaurant sat, empty, caught in a legal limbo, somberly waiting for the day the smells of delicious Tex-Mex wafted through its rooms.

That is until now. After a legal stalemate the parties have set aside their differences and decided to sign a joint dismissal of the lawsuits. The Lorenzo family has teamed up with Jason and David Felt to make the late 2017 opening a reality.

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