Texas City Theme Park, Adventure Pointe Could Open Soon

Harvey Slusky, Webster based Cardiologist and the brains behind new Texas City Theme Park, Adventure Pointe, told The Chron back in February the park could open in June. Here we are in June and while construction hasn’t quite met that schedule, thanks to a few May downpours, development is under way and could be completed soon.

Adventure Pointe, located in Texas City on I45 between the Tanger Outlets and the Lago-Mar neighborhood near Buccee’s will be a 25-acre, multi-themed amusement park. The park is the third of its kind planned in the Houston area since the downfall of Astroworld in 2005. The Texas City theme park will feature an iceless skating rink for year round skating, mini railroad, boardwalk, roller coasters and an amphitheater.

Though Harvey Slusky’s career is in medicine, his passion is in amusement parks. His cousins and brother run parks and his father, Louis Slusky, owned and operated Playland Park the predecessor to Astroworld.

Harvey Slucky Adventure Pointe Texas City Theme Park
Dr. Harvey Slucky and wife Lisa help out on the site. Photo courtesy of The Chron

A warehouse full of old trains from Playland Park inspired Slusky to reignite his love for amusement parks and bring something special to the South Houston area.
“I want people to come and explore their imagination – dress up like a pirate, enjoy the themed areas,” he told The Chron. “We want them to take in Main Street, which sort of hearkens back to vintage amusement parks.”

Adventure Pointe aims to spark imaginations with multiple themed areas like a vintage Main Street with old trains and a walk through pirate ship. The pirate zone will explore the area’s history of famous pirates like Jean Laffite. Roller coasters and traditional rides are planned to please the theme park purist.

The project is a welcome development to the city of Texas City.

“We’ve been following it from the economic development standpoint because it’s one of those unique features that doesn’t just serve local but will have a regional impact as well,” said Nick Finan, director of management services for Texas City’s economic development group. “It has the potential to draw travelers who are coming to this area for tourism, possibly headed to Galveston or are just here in the area themselves.”

Infrastructure work on the Texas City theme park began back in 2015 followed by site work last year. The city issued building permits in March for the first two major structures, according to Houston Biz Journal. Driving by the site you can see the progress being made.

It seems it’s only a matter of time before the Texas City theme park is open for business. Accompanied by the Spacewalk Amphitheater, (under construction on I45 in Webster) Adventure Pointe is part of an exciting wave of development sweeping the South Houston area.

adventure point texas city theme park logo

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