5 Simple Internet Marketing Tips to Update Your Business' Online Presence

Whether you own a restaurant, run a law firm or anything in between, your online presence is essential. Though just showing up isn’t enough, you must harness that presence and leverage the power of internet marketing to drive customers through your door or clients to your email. The web is ripe with internet marketing tips, most of which require a lot of time to employ and even longer to see any return. What can you do now to vamp your web presence and see returns quickly? The answer to that question almost always ties back to Google and other search engines. How does your business appear when people search for you or the service you offer? Do you appear at all? How does your site look and function on a smart phone?

All of these things factor into how you are found online and the impression you make on potential customers and clients. If neglected, a poor web presence can cost you as potential clients will go to competitors who are easier to find and more appealing online.

Let’s dive into some internet marketing tips that will keep you atop the game.

1. Get Verified by Google

google verified internet marketing

I mentioned how important Google is to your business right? Keep it in mind. It will be a theme and a business code to live by. Google holds a tight grip on over 70% of all searches performed on the web. Does your business appear in Google when you search for it or a related keyword? If not, you need to verify your business with Google.

To do this, jump over to this link and register your business. Once complete all of your business’ information like hours of operation, phone number and GPS location will appear when a customer performs a search.

This is just the surface of verifying your business with Google but it is an essential first step. To go deeper you can link your website to your Google+ account and connect your site to Google’s Web Master Tools to monitor website traffic and other data. (We recommend you leave the latter to the professionals. Shoot us a message if you want to learn more about what’s possible with Google.)

2. Google 360 View


You know that cool little virtual tour you can take of some businesses when you find them in Google, like Google’s street view but inside? That is Google’s 360 View and you can have one of your business too!

Making a good first impression online is crucial. Allowing your customers to take a quick virtual tour of your restaurant or gym is a great way to impress them quickly and make their decision easy. So how do you get one? Just call a Google trusted photographer like our friends over at Captiv Creative (say you find out about them from the CRISP Blog).

3. Mobile Friendly Website

Nearly 80% of all Google searches are performed on a mobile device. If you haven’t updated your website’s design in the last few years, chances are it doesn’t display very well on many new smart phones and tablets. A modern, responsive design is essential. If your site doesn’t perform well on mobile, your Google search rankings will be harshly affected, not to mention the potential customers you are turning off due to an outdated design.

Google has created a mobile friendly site test that will give you a grade based on your site’s mobile performance. Head over to this link and enter your site url. Chances are you won’t like your score.

Send us your test results and let us see how we can help you perform better on mobile devices.

4. Stay Active on Social Media

One of the easiest internet marketing techniques to keep your business and brand top of mind is staying active on social media. Don’t let your past customers forget about you. Post regularly so you stay in front of them. Next time they are craving your fare or are in need of your service you will be atop their list of choices.

Staying active on social media also benefits your rankings in Google. Social signals are one of the top 10 most influential ranking factors according to Moz

Feel like you don’t have the time to post regularly? Try scheduling out your social media campaign with a tool like Facebook Scheduling or Hootsuite. This allows you to sit down once and put your social media game on auto pilot.

Just can’t imagine adding social media to your already overflowing to-do list? Allow us to manage your accounts for you. We offer full service internet marketing packages and customized social media management. Check out our services.

5. Update Tired Old Photos

Quality photos may be the most important piece of your online portrayal. Do the photos on your Google Business account, Facebook page and website portray your brand massage and shine a positive light on your business? Are your photos out-dated? Are there photos of people who no longer work for you or of furniture you have replaced?

Take a look at your photos across your various accounts and sites. If they need updating, let our guys at Captiv Creative know you will need some additional photos along with your Google 360 View.

Bonus Tip! Start a Blog


A blog is arguably the best way to climb the rankings in Google and offer value to your past and future clientele. Why do you think we started the CRISP Blog you are reading now?

By writing blog content based around strategic keywords you can turbo boost your Search Engine Optimization strategy and climb above your competition. You can also use blog posts to rank for keywords you are not currently ranking for.

If your content is credible and valuable, your blog will establish you as an authority in your industry, increasing customers’ trust in your brand and product promise.

Fancy yourself a writer? Great! Don’t? No worries, I would love to write your business’ blog posts. Contact us to find out how a blog could help your business grow.

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